Frequently Asked

If you have any questions that aren’t on the following list, reach out to us.

+Why should I make a profile if I want to go to grad school?

Because graduate programs recruit students just like companies do (career fairs and resume books). Get contacted directly from elite graduate programs.

+Can you explain this whole getting paid to be on your platform thing?

Recruiters can only access your contact info when they save your profile to their cart. You get paid $1 each time that happens.
Whether you’re an undergraduate computer science student or a master’s art major, the odds are that your broke college student wallet wouldn’t mind some extra cushioning – so we wanted to reward you for your hard work in school and give you extra money for your slush fund.

+How will recruiters contact me?

They’ll most likely send you an email. We just provide them your student email and let them contact you when they’re ready to be exposed to your talent. We’ve talked with recruiters about having a messaging service on our site, but recruiters prefer your email. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

+Am I going to get spammed with emails?

Not likely. We limit the amount of student profiles that companies can view so they don’t mass email an entire school. The idea is that companies only reach out if you seem like their ideal candidate. If you’re a beyond stellar student, you might get quite a few emails and make quite a bit of money in the process. Just embrace the rockstar status.

+Where should I send my transcript?

Save trees, and email digital transcripts to If your school is still in the Dark Ages, mail transcripts to 220 W Huron St #2001, Chicago, IL 60654.

+What if my school charges me a fee for sending an official transcript?

That’s cool. If you get 5 friends to register, then we’ll reimburse you for your transcript fee.

+What if I’ve already graduated?

Our platform is only for students that are currently enrolled in a college or university. We’re working on making this platform available to recent graduates so stay tuned.

+What happens to my account after I graduate?

We press the “delete” button on your profile. Sorry, not sorry.